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MWI on/off

Can someone tell me what the common cause of a couple of users who MWI lights do not sync with their voicemail? MWI light is on, but no VM (Not unified communications). I have checked Partitions/CSS and the Telephone integration manager (Dialout MWI). Any ideas?

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Re: MWI on/off

To follow up on Randy's post, TAC has submitted a defect in order to track the progress of the Rollup release by Microsoft. Microsoft's slated release date is the week of 9/22/08 at this point. See the bug toolkit link below.


Re: MWI on/off

Are you partnered with Exchange 2007 and it is on windowo 2008 server? Then you are running into a MS issue.

From Cisco to me.

Hi Randy,

I see in the Unity logs that MWI is turned on as soon as Unity receives TABLE_ROW_ADDED from MAPI. Exchange 2007 is installed on Server 2008.

There is a known issue with MAPI Push Notification with Exchange 2007 on Server 2008. The fix will be released on 9/02/2008 in Rollup 4 Exchange

2007 SP1.

Here is the word from Development:

1) Exchange 2007 on W2k8 has an issue with MAPI Push notifications so MWI will sometime fail. The KB article number is 951251, might not be visible yet, but is should be in SP1RU4 exchange release which will ship in September according to MS.

From MS.

Here are some details on Rollup 4.

Apparently, there is a reason it has not been released yet.


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Re: MWI on/off

There are a few issues I can think of off the top of my head.

1. Sometimes the MAPI profile that Unity uses to communicate with Exchange becomes "corrupted", sometimes for various users. There is a registry key ("Unity System Profile" folder) that can be deleted which is located in a hive very similar to:

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-48941711-2544656372-286584096-1115\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem

Once regedit is open, it's easier just to do a search on Unity System Profile. There will be a couple matches, but the one you want is above. Only delete that folder then reboot the Unity server. Once it's rebooted, the folder will be rebuilt automatically.

2. When multiple integrations are configured with Unity, the integration ID gets incremented. The first integration starts with switch ID 0. As you create new integrations it will be assigned 1, 2, 3, etc. Sometimes users won't get assigned or re-assigned to the correct switch ID thus causing MWI problems. You can verify and modify what switch users belong to either on the subscriber's profile page in SA Web or in the Telephone Integration Manager tool in the Tools Depot. Once UTIM is open, highlight Properties in the left pane under the integration you're concerned with. At the top click Tools>Subscriber-Phone System Associations.

Hope that helps,


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