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MWI question

I have a customer that has a dual integration into a Nortel via QSIG and a Call Manager via SCCP. The customer's have inbox rules that move the voice message from the inbox to a subfolder.

The wierd thing is MWI's still light and when they read the message in Outlook the light goes off even though it is not in the users inbox.

The Message is not available via the TUI though. The customer would like to know if some sort of custom programming using the Unity SDK kit could enable Unity to look into multiple subsfolders as well?

I am still unsure how MWI's are being lit when the message is moved to a subfolder via a rule unless the customer is not explaining the details clearly.


Re: MWI question

quick answer is nopes. Unity will only scan the inbox of the subscriber for new or voicemails that have been listend to. (opened) Basically, in the inbox, the messages are classifed as IPIMs. Unity will look for read and unread IPIM for its class (voicemail) to be played through the TUI.

If the message is moved to a subfolder, it will not count it is a new or read voicemails. "you have 1 new voicemail, 3 old voicemails" These would be in your inbox. If you moved these to a subfolder... Unity will come back with 0 messages new, 0 messages old.

Same for MWI. The MWI service simply scans the inbox of the subscriber on Exchange and checks for read or unread IPIMS in the inbox. If the message is there, then moved, it turns the MWI light on briefly, then off because it thinks it was deleted.

make sense?

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Re: MWI question

I understand how it works. Just wondering if using the SDK kit for Unity the service that monitors the inbox can monitor the entire inbox and sub folders for IPM.Note.Voice.Unity message class objects to determine if an MWI needs to be turned on or off.

But then I guess that would be quite a bit more scanning overhead.

Thanks for the reply.

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