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MWI; TAPI - SMDI Across a Checkmate Abridge DPNSS

I have a situation where a customer wants to connect a old site using an ISDX to the existing CCM cluster with a Checkmate DPNSS converter to q931 (using CCM 3.3 otherwise I would use Qsig)

The problem is that I can't get MWI across to the ISDX and the customer requires it.

I have spoke with Check mate and they state that if I can get an SMDI connection from unity to the convertor via a serial crossover cable then their box can convert the SMDI MWI message into the DPNSS stream, cool. But the integration is TAPI and therefore I can’t see a way to get SMDI information out of the serial interface.

I have been told by someone at Cisco that;

If Unity is equipped with a 'Multiple Integrations' licence key (System > Licensing > Licensed Features), then, the SMDI instruction stream is generated simultaneously with the TAPI instructions for set MWI on/off.

But connecting a PC with hyper term to the back of the unity server I can’t see any information on the com port.

Can anyone tell me if the statement is true, I have done a search on CCO but can’t find anything on this and if it is true have you any idea what I am doing wrong?

The network looks a little like this

Unity -------------TAPI-----------------CCM3.3cluster------------IOS Gateway Q931

| |

|____________SMDI__________________________Checkmate DPNSS Converter -------------ISDX

Cisco Employee

Re: MWI; TAPI - SMDI Across a Checkmate Abridge DPNSS

If you're looking to only use the SMDI link for MWI signalling, then I think what you need is documented in the appendix of the Unity-CCM integration guides. Hopefully this will get you what you need...

As you can see there are a few additional steps needed to make this work. Simply changing the licence key will not make Unity send SMDI packets for subscribers associated with a CCM integration.



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