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MWI Translation for Multiple-tenant


We are using Unity 4.0(4) with Cm 4.1(3) for basic multi-tenant deployment (with overlapped extension). We assigned dedicate voice-mail ports range to each tenant separately, but not for MWI dial-out ports. With the turned-on multiple-tenant MWI service parameter and diffent number Voice-Mail Box Mask for each Voice-Mail profile assigned to each tenants, the output from Unity Diagnostic tool seems to be OK. But from the CCM trace, there is some indication that I have not configured the translation to handle the operation correctly. It states that the extension number (of course prefix with mask i was configured in the VM profile) that needed the light to be on is in valid eventhought there is a translation pattern for that transform that Mask+DN number back to the DN number. Please kindly suggest or give me a configuration guide for this kind of deployment.

The trace output I have attached was the result when I used extension 5698 (which has the vm profile with the 7855XXX VM box mask) dial to itself and leave the message. The port configured for MWI dial-out is VM port 40.

Thanks ahead for all you kind suggestions and comments.

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