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Mystery Greeting Playing......

I have the default opening greeting set to blank and to hangup. What is happening is that when someone leaves a message for a subscriber and they press "1" to send the message. The system will state that the message has been sent, and then play a Call Handler greeting for another location. Too make matters more interesting, I can't really be in this call handler. I say this because none of the call handler caller input options work (but they do work when I am correctly in this call handler). I have looked for this call handler greeting in other call handlers and cannot find it anywhere.

Any input would be appreciated....


Re: Mystery Greeting Playing......

Hi -

Well several things could be happening here. In your post, you mention that someone leaves a message for a subscriber and the caller presses 1 to send the message. Is this the call flow from within your default greeting OR could the caller just be calling the subscriber direct and forward no answer/busy to Unity? In the latter case, you may want to check the After Message action for the individual subscriber setting and see where this goes. I would also check the After Greeting action on the Greetings page of your default opening greeting call handler as well as the Messages page for the After Message action. For troubleshooting, you can use the Call Viewer (for CallManager integrations) or also the Port Status monitor as a starting point. There is also the AudioText Manager tool available on that can help "picturize" the flow of your default greeting call flow.


Cisco Employee

Re: Mystery Greeting Playing......

In addition to what Ginger wrote, turn on Micro Traces for PhraseServer to Monitor, values 10, 11, 12. Then open Port Status Monitor (from \CommServer\Utilities\PortStatusMonitor\PortStatusMonitor.exe) to see what is actually happenning. In PSM, under the Ports menu, you can also Log All Active which will then output the information you see in PSM to a csv file in \CommServer\Utilities\PortStatusMonitor\ folder

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Re: Mystery Greeting Playing......

I posted a reply about 5 minutes after my first with the resolution. For some reason it didn't post. I found the phantom recording. Someone had pasted the recording to the goodbye call handler.

Thanks for the responses...

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