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Name Dialing not working for all End Users

Hello All,




I was recently made aware that when calling the Auto Attendant the name Dialing feature does NOT work for every End User's name. I was asked about it becuase one employee realized you could not reach her by attempting to search for her using the Name Dialing feature. So after getting failed attempts for that user, I attempted the Name Dialing on my own End User which also did not work.


But, it does work for some other users which I've tested. I made sure all the End Users I tested already had the "Name Dialing" option of the End User's configuration filled in (*which happens automatically when creating a new End User when you enter the First and Last Name into their respective fields..). So I'm not sure why this wouldn't be working for some users but not all?


Any ideas of what I can do to make sure all End Users are searchable using the Name Dialing feature of CallManager? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: Could it have anything to do with Digest Credentials setting on the End User's Configuration page? I ask becuase the ONLY difference between my End User and an End User that I know is working, is that he has Digest Creds filled in and I don't... Does that make a difference for this?


Thanks in Advance,



Are the extension in the same

Are the extension in the same range? I mean, all of the ar 45XX or something like that?

I'm assuming that dialing using numbers works fine, righT?

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Hey Rolando, thanks for the

Hey Rolando, thanks for the reply!


Yes, dialing straight extensions through the Auto-Attendant works just fine.

As for the extension's range, all End User's extensions are in the range 2xxx... So all of the end user's ext are within the range  "2000...2999". We have about 250+/-  IP Phones in use, so we had to do more then just the 24xx range since there is more then 100.


Thanks Again for the reply, much appreciated!




Ok, I will try to emulate

Ok, I will try to emulate your scenario in my cucm v9.1

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Hey Rolando, thanks that's

Hey Rolando, thanks that's great!


Do you know if the LDAP Directory/ActiveDirectory type stuff has anything to do with this?


And one other question...

Does the End User have to have a recorded name on the system somewhere (*like in Unity Connection or something like that) for this to work?


Thanks Again,


Please check the handlers

Please check the handlers:

I'm attaching my LDAP configuration.

This videos can also help.

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Ok, great thanks for the info

Ok, great thanks for the info Rolando!


I think I may have just found the problem.

I realized that My Name was also not being found when using the Name Dialing through the Auto-Attendant. I also noticed that I did NOT have a Recorded Name configured for my mailbox on Unity. My mailbox was simply using the default greeting of "Extension XXXX is not available.....", but I went through the steps to create a "Recorded Name" for myself and after I did that I re-attempted to dail myself using the Name Dialing feature of the Auto-Attendant and now it seems to be working..!


I'm still waiting on the End User for which I found this problem originally, since she is currently out of the office till Monday, I'll have to wait till then to see if she can do her Recorded Name for her voice mailbox. But, it does seem like maybe this will fix it...


EDIT: This is the Correct Answer.

    *Adding a Recorded Name allowed that User to be searched using the Last/First Name dialing.


Thanks Again,



Is the 'telephone number'

Is the 'telephone number' field populated for those users?

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Hey Will, thanks for the

Hey Will, thanks for the reply.


Yes, the Telephone numbner field is filled-in.


Thanks Again,


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