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Need help on trace files analyzing

Dear Seniors. I want to know which tool cisco TAC using for analysing the SDL and SDI trace. I heard they are using some third party tool to anylys the traces from CCM.If any body know it pls let me know, if you know any tools which easy to analyse the text file of SDL or SDI trace. Because we can not understand the trace files which is having full of un organized information. Pls help in this.




Re: Need help on trace files analyzing

The Trace and Alarm tools work together. You configure trace and alarm settings for Cisco CallManager services. A Cisco TAC engineer receives the results. You can direct alarms to the Microsoft Windows 2000 Event Viewer, CiscoWorks2000 Syslog, system diagnostic interface (SDI) or signal distribution layer (SDL) trace log files, or to all destinations. You can base traces for Cisco CallManager services on debug levels, specific trace fields, and Cisco CallManager devices such as phones or gateways. You can perform a trace on the alarms that are sent to the SDI or SDL trace log files.

Community Member

Re: Need help on trace files analyzing

I have seen a tool called The Triple Combo Tool; I do not have a working copy and have asked TAC people if they use it and surprisingly most say no.

The tool allows you to strip out things not relevant to your search; for example you can remove SCCP messages while looking for SIP errors. It seemed to be a nice tool, but not the end all be all in interpreting Traces files.

Cisco Employee

Re: Need help on trace files analyzing

personally i use the VLT (voice log translator) but only for gateway messages since it decodes all the ISDN or h225/h245 messages faster, maybe for finding a quick call reference but since the tool digest many messages most TAC CSEs use just notepad or wordpad

i read them only using notepad

as the previous message mentions the triple combo can be useful in scenarios in which you combine SCCP and SIP to only find the necessary messages but personally i do not use it

i know by experience that reading traces is not easy since i had no training on that and had to learn the hard way (thousand of traces from TAC cases)

under the serviceability page there is an analysis option that decodes traces like VLT (not much info of course) and also a Q931 for gateway cases, as i mentioned i do not use them since they digest the info and do not show all info




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