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New subscriber: Can't leave message from outside, works internally

I built a new subscriber today (Unity UM 4.0(4)) and external callers hear the subscribers greeting, but don't hear a beep and can not record a message. However if I dial it from my 7960 IP Phone I hear the subscriber's greeting, a beep and can leave a message.

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Re: New subscriber: Can't leave message from outside, works inte

The mechanism of a subscriber call and the "outsider" call is different.

When you dial from your extension which is a unity subscriber extension, unity recognizes your extension and puts the voicemail email into the recipient mailbox with your name. The account used is UnityMsgStoreSvc account.

When the call originates from a number not recognized by Unity, then the message is placed into the recipient mailbox using Unity_ account. It's likely that you have a permission problem where that account is not able to place a message.

The best way to determine the problem is to look at the errors/warnings in the application logs when the call is placed. Please post complete messages for the time that you had this problem - there will be more than one.

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