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New Unity server with new IP address

I can't find documentation on the best way to swing the voicemail ports from my existing Unity 4.0.4 server to a new 4.0.4 server with a new IP address in a different subnet. We're running CallManager 4.1-- (I'm using the new server to then upgrade to Unity 5.x and have already done a DiRT restore of the active database). We are migrating voicemails from Exchange to Exchange using ExMerge.

We have two CallManager servers (pub/sub) and end state will be one Unity server (the new hardware only). The old Unity is still running at present.

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Re: New Unity server with new IP address

if you use the same VMports name nothing on CUCM

if not same name, you will need to redo the integration with new VM ports and change the VM profile to use the new integration

just configure the integration the same on the unity side thru the integration manager and type in the CUCM IPs



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if this helps, please rate

Re: New Unity server with new IP address

If you want documentation here is the link.

If you want to change the server name and/or domain then you need to do a dirt backup and restore. I can provide a link for that too.

Hope this helps.


Re: New Unity server with new IP address

Just to add to to his post, after you configure the integration as everything the same, you will have to stop the old Unity server. The Unity ports have the same name on different servers will cause issues.

Example: Unity01 CiscoUM-V1

Unity02 CiscoUM-VI

It will screw with CUCM and you will have issues. So stop Unity on the old server, start up the new server and you will not have to configure anything on CUCM. Maybe reset the VM ports for it to register.

If you are trying to test the new server, you will need to create new CUCM VM port names, Hunt group, hunt list, pilot number.

Hopefully this make sense.

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