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New users not created in correct AD Context

Running Unity 4.04, in standalone mode with Exchange 2000 message store. The intitial batch of users that were imported with bulk import were created in the "\users" context of AD, and their SMTP aliases, etc. were correctly created. But all of the users created since that time are in the "\" context, and I have to manually create an SMTP email address for them in UM.

I ran the "Permissions Wizard," and it shows the correct context ( "\users"). I don't see any errors in the event viewer, and the accounts work fine after I have created the smtp pointer. Any suggestions?


Re: New users not created in correct AD Context

Hi -

On your Unity server, is the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service running? It sounds like the recipient update service is not adding the proxy address to your user accounts, which I think the default is X.400 and SMTP. Here is a good link that discusses what it does and how to inspect on your Unity server to see what is coded and if it is coded correctly -

If your information appears correct, you can cause the RUS to "Update". How to do this is mentioned in the document. Another more lengthy Microsoft document that discusses how to troubleshoot by using your application event log to check for specific events related to the RUS -


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Re: New users not created in correct AD Context


That worked for the creation of the SMTP and x.400. It looks like on of our other Unity sites changed all of the RUS entries to only point to their server. I created on for my server and it worked fine. I still have the issue of the users being created in the root context instead of the "\users" context, but it really isn't a big deal, as we are not using the Unified Messaging component. If you have any idea on that it would be great, but I appreciate your help on the more important issue, regardless! Thanks again!

-Jim Beebe

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