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No Voice to CUE

Hey I'm having a weird issue and wondering if anyone has any other ideas. This is two sites on CME with their own CUEs. When someone at SiteA calls someone at SiteB, or vice-versa, they get the persons VM greeting, but they can't leave a message. They think they're leaving a message, but I don't think it's recording it. DTMF seems to be working ok. I can hit # to try to listen to the message, but it just says "please record 2 seconds blah blah". I can call to the other system VM Pilot and navigate around to record a greeting for a users, but CUE acts like it doesn't get the audio.

I was thinking this was a routing issue(one-way audio) or a codec issue, but that doesn't seem to be the case after looking more into it this morning. I can ping the other site's CUE from the voice interface on the router. I verified that it's using G711 when it goes to their voice mail.

This is CME 7.1 and CUE 7.0.3

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Re: No Voice to CUE

if you leave a message and then press # then the number 1 do you get a message saying your message can't be delivered to ext at this time please hold while your call is being transfered?

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