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Nortel /PBXLink Integration, Calls going to the opening Greeting

When a call if forwarded to VM the call is going to the opening greeting when the call should go the the end-users VM greeting. When I view the Call Viewer I see 4 zero’s where I would I think I should see the 4 digit DN…Would you know the reason why I am seeing 4 zero’s?….Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!

Cisco Employee

Re: Nortel /PBXLink Integration, Calls going to the opening Gree

In addition to Call Viewer, have a look at the Integration Monitor. What does the SMDI serial packet look like for these calls?

If the PBXLink is not able to parse a forwarding number from the display on the Nortel digital line, then it may be sending a serial packet with all zeros in the called number field.


Community Member

Re: Nortel /PBXLink Integration, Calls going to the opening Gree

Did you find the solution to your problem? I have the same thing but it's sporadic. This only happens to voice mail accounts that are on the Avaya and cross the PBXlink into Unity. It doesn't happen to the same person each time and I can't find a common denominator to the issue.

I see 4 zeros as well in the call viewer. I'm also seeing -1 on the trunk whereas all of the other calls are showing on trunk 0.

I'm interested to find out what you did, if anything to fix the problem.


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