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New Member

Octel to Unity Migration

CM 4.1(3)

Unity 4.0(4)

Bridge 3.0(5)

I am preparing to do a migration of 1200 octel (Unity-Networked)subsribers to unity. Unity is set up for vm-only with exchange local on the unity server. These users will not have phones on CM - they are a remote sales force that dials in to get messages. Been searching thru CCO for a procedure but haven't come accross anything that exactly fits. I am thinking that I could use the migrate subscriber data tool but am not sure if I need to create accounts in exchange first.

I'd appreciate any guidance on the best way to tackle this.



Re: Octel to Unity Migration

Do you have the 1200 subscribers on Octel now, or are they on Unity? It sounds like they have a Octel platform with a Unity Bridge some other subscribers. You want to migrate the users from Octel to Unity.

If the subscribers do not have accounts on the Unity side of the Bridge, you will need to create these accounts. (assuming). I don't believe you actually migrate the voicemail messeges off Octel to Unity,

I think you need to create the accounts on the Unity side. Then flash cut them all once tested. (remove users from Octel and the bridge should pickup the updates from the Unity side)

Migrating Subscriber data would be used for two different Unity servers or from VM only to a new Unity UM server in a different domain. Aliases must match for this to work. You should also use this with the DIRT export of the VM only server and DIRT import on the UM server.

hope this helps

New Member

Re: Octel to Unity Migration

You are correct there is a unity bridge now in place between Octel and Unity. Users exist as bridge subscribers on Unity. The reason I was considering using the Migrating Subscriber data tool is because of the description in its help file: **"The tool is useful for moving from a voicemail-only installation to unified messaging, or for migrating users from another voicemail system to Cisco Unity (for example, migrating Octel users who have been set up as Bridge subscribers)."**

Based on that I'm assuming I still need to create the accounts in exchange. Would it be easier to just create all new accounts with bulk import and then delete all the old brige accounts? What does Cisco recommend?

Re: Octel to Unity Migration

Ok so that makes sense. I have only read about the Migrate tool and thought it was for unity to unity, but didnt think about the bridge.

so what you need to do is create new users with the BAT tool in your new Unity setup. But make sure the users are setup with the ALIAS you have with the bridge, other wise the DIRT backup of their settings and the Migrating of the vmail will be in a pain the rear. Think of this process as the same as migrating VM to UM...

here is the doc location:

see if this helps out at all. It made sense to be me when I understood the alias aspect of this scenario and the DIRT backup / Restore to new Unity and then move the actual wav files (voicemails ) from one exchange server to the next (or us exmerge to move them)

New Member

Re: Octel to Unity Migration

Just to clarify, is it possible to move the recording from Octel to Unity or will users have to set up their mailboxes again? This seems to be the largest limitation with the Octel so far. I have not found any really good documentation on how to move the information including existing mail in mail boxes, their recording, and passwords over to unity.



Re: Octel to Unity Migration


There is no way to move Octel users' mail, recordings, and passwords to Unity. Users will have to set up their mailboxes again.

If there are Bridge subscribers on the Unity system, you can use Migrate Subscriber Data to migrate the Bridge subscribers' data (including voice names and greetings) to the new Unity subscribers. Even if you do this, the new Unity subscribers should be go through the first-time enrollment so that they can set their passwords.


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