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On-Call Presence not showing with Cisco Jabber and IM & Presence 10

Hello All,

It's been a little while since I've ealt with Cisco's Presence solution.  Last time was in CUCM/CUPS 7.x train.  Trying to get things setup with CUCM 10 and IM and Presence (CUPS replacement?) 10, also Jabber Windows 9.6 running on Windows 7 x64 Pro.  One thing different from standard LDAP integration on CUCM side is that CUCM userID is the LDAP Work telephone number in Active Directory.  Since all users use Extension Mobility, it was deemed easier to use a numeric login for CUCM than AD username for logging into phones, as well as other UC related services.

I understand that a global config file (jabber-config.xml) needs to be created and distributed to the Jabber clients, with an entry to reflect the "telephoneNumber" field instead of the default "sAMAccountName".  I hve done this, and now contacts once added actually show up in Jabber Windows client, that issue is resolved.  However, what I remember from CUPC/CUPC is that when a user was "off-hook" that presence status would reflect on the CUPC client, whether the user was using a softphone or tethered desk phone device.  This is currently not the case.  The only presence indicators I have with the Windows Jabber client is the default "away" after 15 minutes of inactivity the color next to the name changes to amber and shows away.  But no "busy" presence indication, or "on-call/on-phone" indications.

There are other issues also that I'm running into such as not being able to share desktops between Windows users, even when on an active "voice-call" using softphone mode on both jabber clients.  The desktop sharing icon still shows grey.  I have enabled BFCP on the SIP trunk going to IM&P node so that shouldn't be an issue.  Possibly something with my jabber-config.xml file?  Im posting it at the bottom of this post.  I'm NOT familier with the jabber-config.xml file so it's been created based off what I've discovered online thus far.  However, this lack of presence is really getting to me.

Also, when I check server health, this is what I get for the different aspects:


Softphone - Healthy

Status: Connected

Protocol: SIP

Address: (CCMCIP)



Deskphone - None

Status: Not connected

Protocol: CTI

Address: tbacucm01 (CTI)

Presence - Healthy

Status: Connected

Address: tbacucm03

Protocol: XMPP

Port: 5222

Outlook address book - Healthy

Status: Last connection successful.

Protocol: MAPI

Address: Outlook

Directory - Healthy

Status: Last connection successful.

Protocol: LDAP

Address: <name has been changed but it is the correct FQDN of the active directory domain>


The Deskphone is currently not logged in as I took this information so that doesn't bother me as when the user logs in via Extensin Mobility the deskphone integration works.

Here is the current jabber-config.xml file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<config version="1.0">


















Should I change the jabber-config.xml file for:




In my CUCM config, under User Management > User Settings > Service Profile > (Current Service Profile) > Directory Profile

I have 3 LDAP (AD) configured, "Use UDS for contact resolution" checked, "Use logged on user credential" checked, with correct username/password and Search Bases filled out as well as "Recursive search on all search bases" checked.

No Base filter and no Predictive search filter filled out.

I'm wondering if I'm better off unchecking the "Use UDS", changing the jabber-config.xml file to replace UDS with EDS, and either restarting the Directory service on the IM&Presence node or rebooting the IM&P node.

Do I need anything in Base filter?  States only for Advance Directory (is this a typo for Active Directory?)  Sorry, I admit that I'm not as familier with LDAP query/integration with CUCM as some may be.  Also, users are being synced from AD in CUCM via LDAP as mentioned before using the AD "telephoneNumber" attribute, and all is working fine there.

In IM & Presence Diagnostics it states that all users have an empty "Directory URI" field, which is true when I check the user info in CUCM, but I am not sure how to change that or if I need to.

Sorry for the long post, I tried to get any information that may be useful in here.  If I need to supply additional information I'll be happy to.  Any thoughts/suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks all in advance.

I also posted this in the Jabber Client forum also, sorry for the double post, not sure where the best place is for this post, whether server or client side.

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On-Call Presence not showing with Cisco Jabber and IM & Presence

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