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One Octel, two PBX, CM

Here is the scenario. We have one octel 350 connected to a Definity. We have another Definitay accross the WAN. We also are going to be putting CallManager right now without Unity. Can we utilize the single Octel for messaging for both PBX's and CM. Octel VM systems were originally designed to handle one PBX. If we tunnel SMDI accross the WAN to the other Definity and use the DPA to get CM to talk to Octel would this work. I highly doubt it but thought I would ask. How would one Octel services both PBX's if CM weren't involved? Can it be done as well?

Cisco Employee

Re: One Octel, two PBX, CM

You'll probably want to ask this over in the IP telephony forum - this is for questions on the Unity voice mail system here - not going to be a lot of motivation for helping folks figure out how to get more value out of their Octel voice mail systems ;->

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Re: One Octel, two PBX, CM

This will work.

One Octel, 2 PBX and CM will work with one PBX across the WAN.

We have the same setup and the only thing that we dont have is SMDI.

We are using DPA to talk to both CM and Nortel.

Re: One Octel, two PBX, CM

On the DPA are you configured for "simple integration" or "hybrid integration"?

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