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One-way Presence? CUPS 7 Federation

Let me explain my setup, because it's not normal.  We have 1 CUCM cluster that supports multiple organizations.  Each organization has it's own Active Directory tree and Exchange server.  Three of these organization want to have Presence, and each wants calendaring integration.  Therefore, we had to setup three Presence servers, so that each could integrate with a seperate AD and Exchange.  And all three are connected to our single CUCM cluster.  All of this is working.

The problem is that two of these organizations want to be able to see each other's presence status and be able to IM each other.  Because the three servers are synced to the same CallManager, this cannot be done via Inter-Clustering;  You see, all users are configured under all Presence servers, so each server would see that user as being local.  Therefore, we need to use Inter-Domain Federation.

I beleive I have it all setup.  I am logged into CUP Server A, and I can add persons from the domain associated with CUP Server B.  I can see these presence status of these persons and even IM them.  However, the users on Server B, while they can receive these IM's cannot reply nor initiate their own because users on Server A only appear as Unavailable, whether added manually, or added as a result of the 'permit presence' dialogue bow when users on Server A added them.

I'm not sure where to look for the source of this problem.  I can't tell if Server A is not send presence info, or if Server B is not receiving.  And I'm not sure what service to trace in order to find the errors.  Any ideas?


Re: One-way Presence? CUPS 7 Federation

Could you post the screenshot of inter-domain federation from both sides?  Also "Presence > Routing > Static Routes".

It'll be the SIP Proxy and PE logs to troubleshoot.


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