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Out of Disk Space on callmanager for upgrade


We have callmanager 4.0(2)a running and would like to upgrade to the latest version 4.1(3). It is asking us to have approximately 4 GB available on the C drive and we only have 2.5.

What can we do to make this happen?

Cisco Employee

Re: Out of Disk Space on callmanager for upgrade

You'll want to ask this over on the IP Telephony forum - this forum is for questions on Cisco's unified messaging products (Unity/Connection/CUE).

Re: Out of Disk Space on callmanager for upgrade

Check to see if there any files you can move to another server.

-- Any previous update files applied

- OS updates, CCM updates, Phoneloads, etc

-- BARS backups stored on the drive? Move them - better yet set BARS to backup to somewhere else besides the local drive.

Disable traces and delete trace files that may be taking up disk space.

Set the IE cache to 1meg and delete the files.

Install off of CD. If you have another drive, you can set the users temp folder to the other drive with space. I had to do this once on a system with low disk space. This way the files extract to another location then setup runs from there.

-- Any old MOH files taking up space, older firmware/phoneload files, etc in TFTP Path not being used anymore?

Backup CDR/CAR records, etc and purge data if these files are big to get some space back. Check the call detail cdr, bad, cmr folders for any CDR flat files that may not have got processed and taking up space.

Is this just on the publisher, or other servers low on space also?

Any third-party programs installed on the server that are not needed or can be removed to regain space?

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Re: Out of Disk Space on callmanager for upgrade

thank you very much for the response. I can save 1 GB of space only if somehow i can move the user temp folder to another drive. what happens is when i click the call manager upgrade cd is that it takes about 700 MB of space in the temp folder before it executes the file, how can i move the temp folder to another drive so that when I put the upgrade CD and execute the setup.exe it actually takes up space on another drive?

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