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over 100 messages

Hello - I have a client that is running Unity 4.0 Build 4.0(3) SR 1 and Exchange 2003 on sperate boxes. I have a user that dials in to voicemail and is told that there are more that 100 messages in the mailbox. The user cannot access those messages via TUI. Also, when the Exchange mailbox is opened with Outlook, there is no trace of the messages. I have tried deleteing and recreating the Unity mailbox. I have also done and Exchange DB repair. Has anyone ever seen this?



Cisco Employee

Re: over 100 messages

Have you looked in the deleted items folder?

New Member

Re: over 100 messages

Yes. They aren't in the Deleted Items folder on the server. There is also only about four reoverable messages in the Recover Deleted Items area. The user cannot get to te messages from the phone to play, delete, etc. I have gone as far delete and recreate the voicemail definition and I've done a db repair on the Exchange server. Let me know what you think.

Cisco Employee

Re: over 100 messages

The only time I've seen anything like this the customer actually had the subscriber linked to a different mailbox in AD than they thought... I've never seem such behavior myself.

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