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Overhead Paging with Cisco Berbee InformaCast - Caller ID when paging

Hello, I'm using Cisco Berbee InformaCast with a Bogen overhead paging system. I have Call Manager 6.1.4 and would like to know if there is a way to broadcast the name/number of the IP Phone from which the page originated. If anyone knows of a means of achieving this I would greatly appreciate your assistance.



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Re: Overhead Paging with Cisco Berbee InformaCast - Caller ID wh

Well, not sure why I haven't received any suggestions from anyone. I find it

hard to believe that there isn't anyone else who has the same need. After going from TAC to SingleWire Support here's what I have:

there is a way to have InformaCast display within message text the extension that sent a page.  The only catch we were running into with your current implementation was ReliCast.  If you're using a ReliCast dial pattern to page, then all InformaCast would display is the ReliCast CTI port that "called" InformaCast to make the page. It was my hope that there was a way to have the source of that trigger displayed in the reporting feature of InformaCast 7.  Unfortunately InformaCast would produce the same Information.  It would see the calling device as the ReliCast CTI port and log/report that information.

A possible solution to this issue, a panic button.  You could setup one of the line appearance buttons on a users phone as an emergency live all page.  Then, we can just add a bit of "script" to it that would display the time, day, and source device that made the page.

For example, you can create a new page type using a combination of Text and Live Audio.  In the Short Text section of the message you could place the following:

"Panic Button Triggered at ${time} on ${date} by ext ${senderInfo.directoryNumbers}"

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Re: Overhead Paging with Cisco Berbee InformaCast - Caller ID wh

Not sure if you had any success on this, but Singlewire does have a solution now that may work for you.  Its basically an alert sent when a dial string is pressed.  Check this out, not sure if it will do exactly what you want but its a start.  Its free with Informacast I believe.

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