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overlapping extension and unity

Centralized call processing and centralized unity. Two sites have extension overlapping. We create different partitions for the overlapping extensions. Also based Cisco design document I used the E.164 voice mail mask feature to differenciate the mailbox. But however I have a question here: Do I have to create E164 number as mailbox in Unity? If that's true, then caller dial in Unity and have to enter E164 number to reach these extensions, will this be too inconvenient?

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Re: overlapping extension and unity

I have the same question,too. And I'm trying to find the solution for this.


Re: overlapping extension and unity

I cover this subject in the Cisco Unity Solutions and Deployment book. You might want to pick up a copy of it. 65 or so mind numbing pages of Digital Networking bliss.

Unity can't handle overlap on a single server and since Unity does not support partitions like CallManager does the only true way to partition these users would be to have a separate server for each group that has overlap. That would give you the most flexability from a Digital Networking standpoint but might cost more.

If you are translating the numbers so that they are unique once they hit Unity then they don't truly overlap as far is Unity is concerned however folks will have to enter the full number to reach them via the auto attendant. Will this be too incontinent? Well if the site has DIDs I wouldn't think it would be a very common situation. Usually outside callers would be doing a spell-by-name lookup in which case they wouldn't know the extension. It might be a pain for internal people addressing messages since they will need to enter the full extension. You might be able to use alternate extensions (which you can have 10 per user) and make it easier to folks. If you did go with two servers (one per partition with overlap) you could configure it in such a way that people would address using the same string they would to dial. That would be simple to setup.

Hope this helps...


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