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Patching CM, Unity, IPCC (CRA?)

I have a cm cluster, unity and ipcc that were installed in early '04 and haven't been touched since..

I've been running thru the patches.. numerous..

the cm are at 4.0(2)sr2a and I'm going to 4.0(2)sr2c, unity to 4.0.3 to 4.0.5 and also cm-tsp to 8.1.3.. and apply 3 levels of microsoft os patches 2.7, to 4.4, to 4.4sr1.

I'm not that familiar with the ipcc(CRA?), which is running 3.5(2)sr1, which does seem to be the latest for that train of release..

will patching the cm and unity cause me any issues with the ipcc(cra?)?

any suggestions about what i should do first? patch cisco apps, then windows OS?

cm and ipcc(CRA?) seem to have cisco patches on them, and unity has standard microsoft OS patches it seems.



Re: Patching CM, Unity, IPCC (CRA?)

Hi -

You will want to check this link, if not done so already, for compatibility information -

I would be more concerned with IPCC and CallManager compatibility and testing these to make sure the phone loads introduced in the CCM version work with IPCC call center agents. You can preload the phone loads to a couple of phones first for testing, instead of upgrading CCM. Then if the phone loads work, upgrade just the phone loads. Wait a week and then upgrade CCM. Another thing, make sure you use the Cisco downloads for OS patching the CCM and IPCC servers, NOT MICROSOFT. CCM and IPCC are running a stripped-down version of Windows. For Unity, you can use either Cisco's OS patches or Microsoft's. I scrutinize all patches before putting them on Unity and never apply any patches for software that does not exist on the Unity server. One last thing, is there a reason you wouldn't want to go to CCM 4.1 and Unity 4.2(1), the current versions? If you do go to Unity 4.0(5), check out the Engineering Specials, are there were a number. Not that you should apply all of them, but review for applicability in your environment. And you could always check with TAC on this as well.


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Re: Patching CM, Unity, IPCC (CRA?)

thanks, I had noted the ccm/ipcc os loads from cisco, and the windows standard ones on unity, thought that was a bit strange of Cisco.. nothing like consistency.

Luckily, the only thing they did do was load new phone loads.. everything else is circa early '04.. In fact, the latest device package from cisco (4.0(46.4) for the 4.0(2) train has an older driver (7-2-4) than the load they are using (8.0(4.0) for the 7940's we are using. So I'm thinking I shouldn't touch the phone loads otherwise I'll be going backward.

I did notice all the engineering specials.. and yes, I'd like to update to later version of ccm/unity/cra, unfortunately, I'm new here, they didn't put it in a budget yada yada yada.. so I'm at least trying to bring them circa 2006 compliant as best I can.

Plus, its a heck of a learning experience wading thru 2 years of Cisco patches :-)

Re: Patching CM, Unity, IPCC (CRA?)

Hi -

Are you familiar with applying maintenance to CallManager, i.e. you always do the Publisher server first followed by the subscriber(s)? We apply the CCM OS before CCM application upgrade (often times this is a requirement as listed in the compatibility doc). Unity DiRT backup is your friend (run DBWalker and resolve all errors first). And break the mirror sets of all servers before applying any patches or upgrades. Apologize in advance if you already know this!


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Re: Patching CM, Unity, IPCC (CRA?)

Hi Raoul,

Just to add a note to Ginger's great info (as always! 5 points from me on this one Ginger)Here are some other docs that may help. As I have discovered through many painful nights, make sure that you scrutinize all Readme documentation (Open Caveats) and use the Bug Toolkit (your best friend) to search for things that may bite you.

Bug Toolkit

Cisco Unified CallManager Compatibility Matrix

Cisco IP Telephony Operating System, SQL Server, Security Updates

Recommended Service Packs and Updates for Use with Cisco Unity and the Cisco Unity Bridge

Also, I'm sure that you have checked into this, but depending on what Cisco Support you have you may be entitled to certain $$Free$$ upgrades. Have a look;

Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) Customers are entitled to maintenance releases, minor releases, and major releases (2.x.x to 3.x.x and to 4.x.x).

Software Application Support (SAS) Customers are entitled to maintenance releases and minor software updates (2.4.6x to 2.4.6x) but are not entitled to major releases.

From this good licensing doc;

Hope this helps! And best of luck.


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