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Pause in CUE voicemail playback

I have a customer with a CUE 1.1.2 network module. A couple of their users have reported a problem where during playback of a VM, there is a pause, playback then resumes, with no audio having been lost, just with a pause somewhere in the middle. I didn't see anything in the bug tool. Anyone seen this before, or have any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Pause in CUE voicemail playback

I haven't heard about this kind of issue before. Is that only from certain types of phones? Is this integrated with CCM or CME? It sounds like it could be more of a problem with the RTP stream. How long is the pause? How often does this occur? If they listen to the same message again, does it sound normal (i.e. it really is the playback that has the pause and not something that happened during recording)? Is this an NM-CUE or AIM-CUE?

The only thing that we could do on the CUE side would be to look at a trace of a failed call.

New Member

Re: Pause in CUE voicemail playback

It is integrated with CME. Most users are on 7940s, the issue arose on calls from the PSTN, hasn't been reported to occur on IP phone to IP phone VMs. The pause was 2-3 seconds and has only occured a handful of times in the last couple of months.

The pause is reproducible, I was on site and they played a message back to me with a pause in it.

It is a NM-CUE.

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