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PCA "Unable to contact server" message on failover

This is Unity 4.2 VM with failover.

The PCA was installed exactly the same on both Primary and Failover.

The PCA works fine on the Primary.

If you force failover or stop Unity on the Primary, you can't access the PCA on the Failover machine.

If you put the in the PCA URL of the Primary it is still running (no error)!

I've gone over the troubleshooting steps for checking IIS settings and both servers match Cisco's settings.

I have 2 failover pairs that this is happening on.

Any help appreciated


Community Member

Re: PCA "Unable to contact server" message on failover

PCA page now works:

The following was the problem:

On one server:

AvXmlServer.dll showed SSL disabled in IIS admin but was actually SSL enabled. I toggled it on and off and restarted IIS.

On the other server.

SSL was enabled on the default web site so it propagated down to the Avxml site. I removed the SSL settings and rechecked security settings on all the folders. Restarted IIS.

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