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Perm Wiz and UnityInstall Account

Customer is running unity4.0.5, on a 2003OS , unified into an 03 domain. Permissions wizard was run with a domain admin account.

When we run the failover wizard some issues with registering the SSPI's came up, as well as will the unitydb publishing.

We called the TAC and they are insistent that the unityinstall account has to be a domain admin for failover to work, and that they were pretty sure that perm-wiz put the install account into the domain admins group.

I have scoured the documentation on both failover and permwiz and I still don't see where this action needs to take place.

Anyone have any comments on this???


Re: Perm Wiz and UnityInstall Account

There are huge problems with 4.0x and Failover.. I just spent a ton of hours on a tac case I had opened up with them and failover configuration. You need to create the failover accounts in AD and give them persmission. (in the failover instructions... I have them on the forum here somewhere) But also make sure you are not logged in with Terminal Server. Even though you are technically not installing in the TS, we think it still throws it off.

The permissions should all be set, just add the SQL service permissions in the domain and change the login account service on each Unity server. Make sure you the Service Packs for Unity loaded. SP1 or something of that sort. Failover is very picky and will not install or look like it does install and then not failover correctly. (licensing, etc)

The trick here is to setup Unity and test it. IF it works, VM works, mailboxes are created, etc.. then move to failover..


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