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Phone and CUWL Licensing Help Please

Hello to all,


I have some things with the licensing of phones and CUWL that I don't understand completely.


So before, if the user was there with the EM profile, they use enhanced and had to be associated with phone by Owner User ID. But now (we run 9.1.2), we can not need to associate with a phone with a user ID. In this case, the phone uses an enhanced license but the user does not. I hope this is correct.


Now, my question is, we also have some CUWL Standard license which is to 10 devices for 1 user, so if we make the user the owner user id for 10 devices, this will make the user CUWL standard, and will mean the phones don't any longer use an enhanced license?




10 phones in public space = 10 enhanced licenses

10 phones with user id "jsmith" = 1 cuwl pro - no enhanced licenses.


Is this correct? Is there any problem to do this and free enhanced licenses?


Thank you


Hi,That´s correct, but the


That´s correct, but the user jsmith will have only one extension for that reason you don´t have 10 phones with different extension and the same user, you will have 10 phones with the same extension, maybe it´s a bug of the system and it causes many problems when we reallocate IP phones to other users.


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I don't really understand

I don't really understand what you mean with directory number. If I have jsmith and his phone is ext 1000, I can make him owner of physical phone (with logged out extension of maybe 2000), soft phone with 1000, iPhone with 1000, but also make him owner of other logged out phone and conference phone with different extension. It seem to work okay, but is there reason to use Enhanced lisence instead of CUWL?

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That's not true.For example a

That's not true.

For example a big boss wants to have different DNs across his IP Phones.


To answer the question. It works absolutely well as you said. One CUWL Std for 10 phones owned by the same user, each phone having its own Directory Number.

But as far I'm concerned this is illegal and it's an infringement to the End User License Agreement that you accepted when purchasing Cisco solutions.

Hi,The issue making the owner


The issue making the owner user id with different directory number is with CDR, corporate directory and presence, for example:

- There is a user jsmith with DN 1000 under end user.

- We make this user the owner user id for 3 phones, and one of them is DN 1000.

- Another user serch under corporate directory for jsmith, IP phone displays only DN 1000, so you can add 3 users for each DN.

- If you use native CDR feature when you lookup calls detail for that owner user id you will obtain wrong records.

- For presence you have to match the DN with end user, jsmith have to match under DN with jsmith under end user, so you will have jsmith with DN 1000, jsmith1 with DN 1001 and jsmith with DN 1002.

- For public spaces you don´t need to select a owner user is, you have to select public space option.

- Like said you will infringe the End User License Agreement.



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