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phone issue

I am having an issue this one of my user extensions. When a call comes in to ext #1234 it rings the phone tied to that extension, but if the phone isn't answered, it rings #5678.  If you look up extension #1234 in the corporate directory, two users show up for that extention (user tied to 1234 & user tied to 5678.) I've checked both accounts in ccm (CCM 7.1.2) and nothing reflects that either extension or user are associated.  The phone isn't forwarded, and extension mobility isn't set up.  Any ideas?


Have you looked up 1234 under

Have you looked up 1234 under Device -> Phones. Callforwards are setup there. (There are parameters for Call forward Ring no answer.

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I've checked to see if call

I've checked to see if call forward was set up, and it wasn't. Thanks for your response....


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Have a look at the call

Have a look at the call detail records. There you can see why and where a call was forwarded.

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