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PIMG Analog Integration with NEC NEAX 2400 - No Caller-ID on Serial


We have setup a PIMG Analog and connected it to the NEC NEAX 2400 pbx. We have 4 analog cables plugged in for testing right now along with the Serial link.

When we dial from an NEC phone to Unity, we hear the Unity Auto Attendant Opening Greeting and not the user's mailbox options and we do have a subscriber created for that extension. I see the call coming in as an 'Anonymous Call' in the Call Viewer Tool.

We have set it up to use MCI signaling over the serial link. I have turned on the debugs and most importantly, the Si trace but we do not see any Si trace information when we test calls.

I have plugged the serial link straight into my laptop and see information come across the serial link, but we do not see this information in trace output from the Si traces.

Any ideas?

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