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PIMG - how to configure CUC


I just installed PIMG box and configued host name and IP address but don't know how to configure Unity connection. Is the "Primary Proxy Server Address" for Unity connection?

Advise please,


Re: PIMG - how to configure CUC

Your question sounds as if you may still have some PIMG configuration questions so refer here:

As for CUC - you need to define a Phone System.  Each PIMG then requires a separate port group configuration.  The integration method you select is SIP to DMG/PIMG/TIMG.  You then configure SIP security profile, SIP transport protocol, and you can optionally enable or disable MWI, and specify a number of ports.  Each port group is assigned an IP address and port extension range.  If you choose to disable MWI, you can then configure specific port group configurations dedicated to transmitting SIP MWI requests.

For communication between the PIMG and CUC, you specify the primary CUC address on the PIMG and the communication between them is SIP.  On CUC, you just need to configure the telephony-related settings as mentioned above.


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Re: PIMG - how to configure CUC

The "Primary Proxy Server Address" parameter (on the PIMG) is not used with Unity Connection.  You should leave this blank.  Have you looked at the Unity Connection integration guide for the PIMG?  It lays out all of the variations.  The key question is what legacy system are you connecting with.  Map that out and follow the procedures.  The Introduction chapter will guide you as to which procedure to follow.



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Re: PIMG - how to configure CUC

Thanks Guys,

My PIMG box is version 6 and the menus are different from the Cisco PIMG integration guide which based on verison 5.

Can you please verify whether my configuration correct?

1) login PIMG box
2) select routing table under configuration
3) check mark on "VoIP Host Groups"
4) enter CUC IP address on "Host list" parameter
5) click "submit"

Anything else to be configured?


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