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PIN protect a MeetMe Conference

Hello Everyone,

I have a need to have a call handler in Unity pick up a call, play a greeting that says "Welcom to the conference bridge please enter your conference number" once they enter the conference number I would like them to also have to enter a PIN to connect. I would also like to have callers have to record their names to be played back to the conference attendees already in thh call. Is this possible with Unity 4.1?

Thanks in advance! All replies rated

VIP Purple

Re: PIN protect a MeetMe Conference

Everything you want to do can be accomplished with Unity except requiring a PIN. I can't think of a way to accomplish this with Unity alone. If you happen to be running IPCC, this is fairly simple with a script.

You would need to create an entry call handler and one call handler for each MeetMe Conference number. Each MeetMe number call handler should have a blank greeting and be set to attempt transfer for itself as the after greeting action. Also, on the Call Transfer page of each call handler, set the Announce option.

Hope this helps.


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