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pre-recorded broadcast message

We have a potential customer whose current phone system allows a caller to reach an auto attendant and hit an option. This takes them to a trigger where a pre-recorded broadcast message is played to all phones and then someone picks up that call. is there anything like this that cisco's voice products can do or in combination with a 3rd party app?


Re: pre-recorded broadcast message

Yes, you can use Broadcast Messaging. Take a look at the following link.

Hope this helps.


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Re: pre-recorded broadcast message

no this is not what im looking for, because this would require you to lift your handset and call into unity for a broadcast message. what i want is a customer to reach an auto attendant. have them hit whatever option and have that transfer to a paging system of some sort and play a prerecorded message to all phones so they can hear it and then someone answer that call. the customer currently has this on their current phone system. can this be accomplished via cisco?

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Re: pre-recorded broadcast message

SynApps ( has a product that is close to this. The Park and Page application holds a caller on the server and then

initiates a page through their paging product SA-Announce. Users can dial the park number announced in the page (CTI Port of Park and Page) to get the call.  You could have Unity transfer it to Park and Page and should be able to configure the SynApps applications to give you this functionality.

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