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predefined routing rules for the Forwarded Calls

Unity 4.04sr1 and per URL:

The predefined routing rules for the Forwarded Calls call routing table are:

?Attempt Forward to Greeting?All calls forwarded from a subscriber extension are routed to the subscriber greeting.

?Default Call Handler?Calls forwarded from an extension that is not associated with a subscriber account are routed to the Opening Greeting.

You cannot modify or delete the predefined rules.

I am using IE7 and somehow when I was modifying another rule, the web page froze and when I was able to get back in the "predefine rule" for "Attempt forward to greeting" was changed. I had to created another rule named "Attempt forward greeting" to fix calls as (attempt forward) as it was not going to subscriber's vm. Anyways, I thought by default Unity cannot change predefine rules but apparently I accidently was able to. Should I be concern or can I keep the following workaround and be good?

Cisco Employee

Re: predefined routing rules for the Forwarded Calls

As long as you have the default attempt forwarding rule is processed ahead of the other rules, the one you created should be fine - there's nothing special about the rules created by the Unity setup other than the fact that they're _supposed_ to be undeletable. I'm unsure what would have happened during a client crash that would cause the "undeletable" flag to somehow be ignored- that seems odd.

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