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Presence Woes

Hi all,

I'm not having much joy with Presence 6 with CallManager 6.1 (the first time i've tried to build it!)

I built Presence according to the documentation and looking in my CUPC client I can see that everything is connected - fantastic. I can control my phone, run MPE, get to voicemail and add people using LDAP. Awesome.

However when I log in as anyone else, the following information is found in the "server health" in the CUPC client:

- Logon Server (Connected)

- Phone Configuration (TFTP): Download failed

- Presence: Failed to connect - Invalid Credentials

- Desktop Phone: Connected (Primary)

- Web Conf/Voicemail/LDAP: Connected

I have been over the individual configuration and I can see no difference between individual users! All users have a CUPC phone, which has a line, all are controllable via CTI.

I also took a look in Presence and could see that all users have a CTI gateway profile, LDAP profile and Voicemail profile (Of which there is only one of each).

Anyone care to shed a light on why this might be happening? Obviously rebooting servers and services is only getting me so far :(



VIP Purple

Re: Presence Woes


Have you assigned the license capabilities for the user in CUCM as follows:

Hope this helps.


Community Member

Re: Presence Woes

Yup i'm afraid I have!

I just made an interesting discovery.

I was having a look through the debugs from CUPC and noticed the line of user sip:lhudson@nowcomm.local so I thought i'd have a look at the SIP settings of the server.

It was then I noticed that under "SIP Realm" under CUCM Devices that I found one entry, named "mgerrard" in realm "cm" with digest credentials of 12345. No other user exists in this area, which may go some way to explaining why this only works for me, and nobody else.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Community Member

Re: Presence Woes

Oh and mgerrard is me by the way! I'll just make it clear that my logon is the only one that works, and my password to log on is 12345.

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Re: Presence Woes

Anybody? :)

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