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Preventing VM Loops

Unity 4.1.1 with CCM 4.1.3 SP1 integration.

I am interested in a document that can show me how to prevent 'loops' where Unity is on the phone with itself.

Scenario: User dials in to voice mail via the pilot number, listens to a message, hangs up (but only enough for a 'flash' - analog phone) and dials a subscriber ending up in that subscriber's standard greeting.

Caller leaves a VM, but on the 'other line' Unity is dutifully reciting the text of the caller's e-mail messages. When the caller hangs up the phone, effecting a 'transfer', Unity continues reading messages on port 1 to itself on another port.

Is there a way to prevent this -- either in Call Manager or Unity?

- Tony -

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Re: Preventing VM Loops

I believe if you add the extensions to the ports under the "Manage Integrations" tool, this will enable unity to hang-up on itself

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Re: Preventing VM Loops

Thank you ksilva, those extension numbers were already in place, but it was a good thought.

I also have the bit in place where Unity will not answer TRaP calls (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\Arbiter\1.0\System Configuration\Allow Calls From Voice Mail=dword:00000000) - which has been there all along too.

Perhaps it just cannot be done....

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