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Problem while creating an user

Setup is VM only with Unity 4.0(4)SR1

When I am trying to create a user for one extension, I get an error message "Alias name already exists" when I click add button.

Appearantly, a user was already created for this extn and deleted later on. Now when I am trying to create this user again, am facing this issue.

Ran DBWalker but issue persists. If anybody has any idea over this, please help

Best REgards,

Anand P. Diwakar


Re: Problem while creating an user

The user account likely still exists under exchange mailboxes (probably was not deleted). Delete the mailbox from exchange and users if it is there and try again. You can also try importing that existing account into unity and just deleting the messages (if any) and then set it up that way.

Re: Problem while creating an user

Yes, its probably true, the exchange mailbox is still there. But remember also, if *just* deleted the user, then tried to recreate it, AD will not replicate the changes in it's own database for approx 10-15 minutes. If it's across a WAN connection or you have a large subscriber database on unity, it will take even longer.... Use exchange the hunt out the random mailbox and clean it up. You can also check Users and Computers MMC on your AD to see if they are still in there for some reason.


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