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New Member

problem with Auto Attendant on Cisco Unity

Hi, I have some trouble with Cisco Unity:

Requirement: “Welcome to XXX, plz dial a known extension number, or press 0 for Operator”.

I configured as follow:

- on Voice gateway, configured forward all call to extension 111 (also is extension of CTI route point on CCM)

- on CCM, configured with Unity integration for voice mail (it's working fine), configure CTI route point with DN 111, call forward all to VM

- on Cisco Unity, create Call Handler name POVO with extension 111, configure Caller input with parameters:

+ key 0: Send to Call Handler Operator (on Call Handler Operator, configure Call Transfer rule to transfer to extension of Operator (100 in this case))

+ key 1: Send to Caller System Transfer

The following problem is:

- when call arrive, caller hear greeting: “Welcom…”

- Then he press 0, the call transfer to Operator successfully

- But, if he press 1, then press extension (e.g 100), will hear: “You cannot transfer to this extension, plz check the number and try again”

How do I solve this problem?

Thank you very much


Re: problem with Auto Attendant on Cisco Unity

Hi -

Please check the following restriction table in your Unity SA to see if it is enabled: CS_Default_System_Transfer. The default action is to disallow the use of phone numbers matching the patterns you've entered.


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