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Problem with CFNA

I have a situation where a call handler

is used to route calls. If the call comes

through a gateway the call is passed to the individual. If the phone is busy the

call is dropped. If it is no answer the call goes to voicemail where it should go. Internal calls work just fine. Any thoughts??


Re: Problem with CFNA

what type of PBX are you using? callManager or CCME?

if callManager or CCME, then verify the CNFA settings including the callingSearchSpace if CCM.

also, if CCM, capture some traces while attempting the CNFA to see exactly what CCM is doing with the call for starters and let us know what you find.

if you need assistance with gathering traces, please see the link below:

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Re: Problem with CFNA

We have callmanager 4.1.(3)SR3. the cfna

and cfbusy are set to voicemail(checkbox) and

use the default vm profile. It works as it

should on both, on internal calls. If an external call comes in and sub is on phone

the call is dropped. Will try some calls

after hours to see if traces can tell me what

is happening. Thanks for the response

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