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Community Member

Problems Syncing MWI for one user

Just did a new install of Unity 4.0.5 UM. Exchange 2000 is the partner server. I added the users who will be subscribers and now we are getting these errors for one of the users.


An occurred which prevents successful Exchange access by AvCsMgr via MAPI.

This is typically an indication of configuration issues with Unity, Exchange, or the MAPI subsystem.


An error occurred while AvCsMgr tried to logon to MAPI mailbox /O=W. S. Nelson & Co., Inc./OU=WSNELSON/cn=Recipients/cn=pranab.sarkar on server HOU-MAIL. The MAPI subsystem return the following error: The information store could not be opened..


All of the other users are fine. I have tried to remove subscriber atributes and then re add them and the problem still occurs.

I have also run the SYSCheck utility (No errors) and checked the users premissions and they seem to be corect.

Has anyone ever encountered this before and if so what was done to resolve it.


Jamie Domingue

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems Syncing MWI for one user

Is Pranab's mailbox on the same message store as the other subscribers?

Community Member

Re: Problems Syncing MWI for one user

Yes it is.

Cisco Employee

Re: Problems Syncing MWI for one user

Turn on macro traces for mwi.

On SaWeb, resync Pranab's email box.

Check/Delete all messages in Pranab's vm-box.

Leave a message. Does the light come on?

If not, please post the Application Event logs, AvCsMgr, AvNotifier, and AvMsgStoreMonitorSvr traces.

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