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::: Problems with DPNSS and MG AS5400 :::


I am installing a new AS5400 and using DPNSS from the E1 connection.

I am experiencing an error in the MG Debug Q921 such as: PBXa RX <- UNKNOWN dlic=0 . Is this a problem from the SP side? Or MG side?

I have the following:

ISDN Serial6/4:15 interface

dsl 2, interface ISDN Switchtype = primary-dpnss

L2 Protocol = Q.921 0x0000 L3 Protocol(s) = IUA BACKHAUL 0x0002

Layer2 status:

Channel 1 : OUT OF SERVICE

interface Serial6/4:15

no ip address

encapsulation hdlc

isdn switch-type primary-dpnss

isdn bind-l3 iua-backhaul as-mg

isdn dpnss pbxA

no cdp enable

Thank you and best regards,

Bruno Nunes.


Re: ::: Problems with DPNSS and MG AS5400 :::

we need to determine how/why the B-channels are out of service. NFAS B-channels can be taken out of service by the remote end. "Show isdn service detail" might help.

Also, a q.931 debug trace of the dsl after shutting down/no shutdown of the serial interface would show service messages that should bring the B-channels IN_SERVICE.If there is a misconfiguration between the switch and the router (DSL or

nfas_int), the B-channels would not be brought into service by the switch. (The router sends service messages for each B-channel (IN_SERVICE), and places the B-channel in service when/if it receives an IN_SERVICE service

ack from the switch.

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