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New Member

Problems with Mobile Message Access for BlackBerry

MMA is working for most of my users but two.

One of them get the "cannot change number" message when trying to change the phone # and password on the blackberry.

The second one is able to change the number and click on the link but his phone never rings.

I'd appreciate any pointers on where to look for troubleshooting info.

I looked in the blackberry and unity event logs but couldn't find any relevant information


Cisco Employee

Re: Problems with Mobile Message Access for BlackBerry

There is an open defect CSCse04439, however I think this would impact all users that try to change the phone number. Here is the information on that defect, if you don't see the DCOM errors in the system log, it's likely a different issue:


When using the Unity Mobile Message Access, you enter your pin and the number to call then you receive a message stating:

Unable to change#

Unknown error 80070005

You will also see DCOM errors in the System Log which have a description similar to:

machine-default Local Activation {60EB7702-6A7A-11D1-8029-00C04FAD610B} IUSR_


Unity 4.1(1) or later using Mobile Message Access


Go into Component Services and give IUSR_ access to AvCsGateway.

As for the issue where the one user's phone never rings...there have been issues reported with some (older?) Blackberries where the device does not allow simultateous data out communication and phone call in. So the call goes straight to voicemail and never rings the phone. You can use Port Status Monitor tool to see if an outdial is generated, and if so whether it is sent to voicemail.

New Member

Re: Problems with Mobile Message Access for BlackBerry

I have somewhat of the same situtation to this and any help would be appreciated prior to opening a TAC case. The first 2 users we setup on Mobile Messaging worked fine. Clicked the link and were able to setup their Unity password and callback number. Worked fine. Since then, all users I try to setup get the 80070005 error, Unable to change #. No DCOM errors on the system logs, etc. Any other thoughts?

New Member

Re: Problems with Mobile Message Access for BlackBerry

It seemed that we were hitting bug


The bugfix is available in Unity 4.2(1) ES79.

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