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Problems With Unity Transfering Calls To Auto Attendant Console Pilot Point

We have Unity 4.0(4) and CCM 4.1(3). In our configuration (I didn't design it, I just have to support it) all of the calls that come into our main line get answered by Unity and the users get the whole calling menu. Option 3 of the menu sends the caller to a subsciber that is configured to just ring a "phone" and the Transfer Type is set to Supervise the Transfer. The phone is actually an Attendant Console Pilot Point. Every now and then people will have problems when selecting option 3. Today when someone would hit option 3, the phoen would ring twice and the call would just drop. I changed the Rings to Wait For to 20 and the phone would just ring and ring, but nobody could pick it up. I then changed the Transfer Type to Release to switch and everything worked perfect again. Every now and then it will quit working and I have to switch it back to Supervise. Anyone have ANY ideas of what might be going on? Thanks!

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Re: Problems With Unity Transfering Calls To Auto Attendant Cons

Someone would need to look at diags to say exactly what's going on but speaking blindly... you should try running the latest TSP on Unity. Over the years the transfer logic has had a few tweaks to address some corner cases that were seen with the Att Console. If you're still having problems with the latest TSP then your best bet might be to open a TAC case and get someone digging into the diags.




Re: Problems With Unity Transfering Calls To Auto Attendant Cons

I have version 8.1(3) of the TSP and I see they are up to 8.3(1). I will look into upgrading the TSP. Thanks!

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