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Public Distribution List Help

I have created a PDL that is not working. Pretty easy to build.

Name: Test

Owner: Subscriber

Owner Type: Subscriber

Extension: 3500

Members: Added 10 end-users

Log in to voicemail box.

Press 2 to send a message.

Dial 3500

The reply I receive is : The recipient has no e-mail address, if this is new please wait awhile and try again or something to that effect

Waited w/ no luck?any ideas???


Re: Public Distribution List Help

Hi -

It sounds like your distribution list was created without an email address. On your Unity server, start Active Directory Users and Computers. Select your domain and click the Search icon. Type in the name of your Distribution list and locate it. Right click it and select Properties. Go to the E-mail Addresses tab. Enter an email address for the list and save it. If there is a name in there, see if you can send a test email to the email address. You may need to look further, for example if there is replication delay in your Exchange environment, if Exchange is on or offbox, and the Recipient Update Service in your Exchange environment. But I would check to see if it has an email address first.


New Member

Re: Public Distribution List Help

Hi Ginger,

Thank you for your reply...When I look at AD I see the list. It has an email address of PDL name is FTS IT Test..we are also member of this PDL, also created a COS that allows us to leave messages to the PDL...Also There is one PDL that that has all users that seems to work (3500), I say seems to work as we canceled it because I did not want to send a test message to all 2800 end-users...I created one using the radio button "based on" the one that seems to work....Still no luck, acting same as above...seems like I am missing some thing, just not sure what

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Re: Public Distribution List Help

The Fix....Had to go into AD and create the PDL Group first, then go to SA>PDL and Import the group....Works Fine....Thanks!!

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