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Purpose of Directory Handler results - Unity 4.2.1 ES 153

What is the purpose of the following script?

Using th Directory Handler, when a user spells by name, Unity returns the following:

There are 5 matching requests:

User name 1 - repeat 1, next 9, exit *

User name 2 - repeat 1, next 9, exit *

User name 3 - repeat 1, next 9, exit *

User name 4 - repeat 1, next 9, exit *

User name 5 - repeat 1, next 9, exit *

So there is obviously no option for the caller to actually route to the user, all it allows is to listen to names, what is the purpose of this?

Are there any known bugs relating to this? I have searched the bug toolkit and found nothing yet I CAN NOT get Unity to work routing to the callers as I have all other unity servers routing.

I have configured as follows:

Play all names - NOT checked

Search Options - dialing domain

Search by - last name, first name

Match - request caller input first

Announce names - menu format

Announce extensions with each name is NOT checked.

AST - Conversation - Subscriber Addressing confirm Match mode - value= 1

Any ideas?

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Re: Purpose of Directory Handler results - Unity 4.2.1 ES 153

I have a TAC case open on this and still no idea why this is happening. As well, we have removed the AST configurations as well as changed all of the options in the directory handler back to out of box, and this above behavior does not change regardless.

One thing to note is that if I hit the # key after it announces the user name, it will actually transfer to the user but obviously this is not a workaround as the above script is just confusing and not user friendly at all.

After thorough testing on all servers, we have noted this is on more than one server, and is only present when multiple names are returned in the search, the directory handler works just fine when only one user is returned "for user 1 press #"...

If anyone else has experienced this, I would appreciate knowing about it. We are deploying sites weekly and the users expect to be able to use the directory handler so am anxious to address this.

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