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New Member

Push to Talk on CME with UCM 6.1 running

so here is what I'm thinking:

fact - UCM documentation defers Push To Talk (PTT) to a 3rd party XML application

fact - CME 7 natively supports PTT

what about running a 2811 router in CME dedicated for a handful of 7921 phones leveraging the PTT feature for the wireiess phones while still allowing corporate phone connectivity by forwarding all PSTN needs to UCM via h323 (and vice versa)?

I haven't given this much design (I am doing so as I type here), but I'm thinking all the 7921s would be registered to the CME gateway and they could natively PTT to each other.  When they need to dial out, the dial-peer 9T would forward to UCM.  Then, i suppose, build route patterns for that range of wireless extension in UCM forwarding to the h323 CME gateway so users on UCM can call the 7921s?

Anyone tried this?  Thoughts on it?

It sounds a little cumbersome, but then again, I don't haver to manage a 3rd party product by doing this....

New Member

Re: Push to Talk on CME with UCM 6.1 running

You don't have to manage a third party product but you have to manage two phone systems. I have used singlewire PTT product and it is very easy. You should get a trial version and give it a try.

New Member

Re: Push to Talk on CME with UCM 6.1 running

I think that is an excellent point; and thank you for the PTT suggestion!

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