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QM 2.7.3 Multiple recordings export.

Hi everybody.

We are trying to Export multiple recordings (contiguous and non-contiguous) from Quality Management Desktop, and do not find the way to do it.

QM version is 2.7.3

We are able to export individual records (*.wav format) but we wish to do it for multiple records in a row and not one by one (waste a lot of time).

Is there any way to do it ?


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QM 2.7.3 Multiple recordings export.


There's an API for exporting files - check the documentaiton to see if that suits you:

Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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QM 2.7.3 Multiple recordings export.

Thanks for your reply Aaron,

I think it is not what we are looking for. In fact, we are now able to export or download recorded calls one by one (from Managment Desktop) but we do not find the way to do it for multiple calls at a time.

What we are loonking for is, from Manegement Desktop "click" and select multiple recorded calls and "drag and drop" them or export them at a time. Another way to solve it, is if we can  change record id (which identifies the record file on server) and add agents extensions, names...or whatever identifies them, that could help to find desired *.spx records on server HD, for drag and drop them at a time.

Maybe through metadata, but honestly I do not know.

Any suggestion?

Thx again

New Member

Hi iraira,

Hi iraira,

do you already have any answer about the multiple recording export ?

i already implement the QM version 11, and facing the multiple recording export problem.



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