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Queing / Call Holding in Unity 4.0.3.


I'm wondering how you setup some form of queing within Unity. I have managed to get one prompt telling me I'm first in the que but I've never had it again.

What We want is to have the caller go into a que and wait until an agent is free. We want to also prompt through out the que press option 5 to leave a message.

Can this be done and how??



Cisco Employee

Re: Queing / Call Holding in Unity 4.0.3.

When you go into hold off a call handler or subscriber when the target extension is busy, if you're the first person in line Unity will try the extension then come back and tell you the extenion is busy and give you the option of sticking around or leaving a message - if you're back further in line you'll hear 30 seconds of music (there are 10 prompt files that are played in order here - out of the box they're all the same but you can stick other WAV files in here if you like) - after each 30 second snippet is played it'll check again to see if someone is ahead of them and it'll ask you if you'd like to keep holding or leave a message.

If you're not hearing this it's likely that you're not on hold in the Unity system but are on hold in the phone system (i.e. the call was released to a call queue or something along those lines). This is always the behavior Unity uses for internal holding and you can't chang it beyond editing the prompts played for hold music...

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Re: Queing / Call Holding in Unity 4.0.3.

I've set up a workaround on some sites where different options were required, and have set the "press to hold key" to go to a call handler, which plays a greeting to the effect of "thank you for holding, you are in a queue, trying for an operator" - after the greeting the call handler is set to "attempt transfer for" the original called number.

This way you can have your own options in the greeting (leave message, try other dept etc) and still give the illusion of queuing.

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