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question about Subscriber Message Activity Report

Sorry for the silly question, but i'm having a senior moment...

When i'm reading a Subscriber Message Activity report, the first date/time on NEW MESSAGE entries reference when the message is recorded on the Unity Server & the Received time is when it was delivered to the person's mailbox?

The headers in the 4.2 report don't quite match my administration manual. There's Date&time, Source, Action, #New Message, sender, received time, dial out number, dial out result, sender dtmf.

date&time i assume is the date/time of the action, source is what is called action in the admin guide.

Action is?? I always see "telephone" or "others" in that field.

Received time is when the message gets to the user's inbox?

so if i'm trying to troubleshoot a late message, i would look to see the NEW MESSAGE source -- date time on the left is when it's recorded, received time is when it hits the mailbox -- if that's within a second or two, the message shouldn't be delayed. correct?



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Re: question about Subscriber Message Activity Report

Hi John,

I don't think you are having a senior moment at all :) This is the recommended method and report for troubleshooting Message Delay. These are the 3 fields to look at (as you said!)

Date and Time

Action - New Message

Date and Time Message Arrived

Delayed messages

Subscribers may believe that their messages are delayed for the following reasons:

While listening to new messages, subscribers may skip a message and inadvertently mark it new. Later, when they check messages again, they hear the skipped message and believe that the message arrived after a delay.

Subscribers may skip more messages than they intend while listening to their messages, and later check messages again only to hear one or more of the skipped messages, and believe that the message(s) arrived after a delay. See the "Skipping messages" section in this table.

When settings are changed for a subscriber in Exchange, the new values may not be reflected immediately in Cisco Unity. Explain to the subscriber that the settings may take a few minutes to synchronize, causing a delay in receipt of messages.

**Tip** To confirm the arrival times of messages, generate a subscriber message activity report for the subscriber.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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