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"All subscribers" DL deleted

We are using Unity 4.04(SR1), Win2K server, with Exchange 2000 on-box. This morning, we found that the DL that enables us to send to all subscribers on our system had been deleted from both AD and Unity (no trace in SQL either). Nothing in the event log, and no errors in DBWalker.

No one was connected to the server overnight except for a scripted insert and extract of a few fields in the UnityDB.

The only other process we have running is a nightly Message Store Manager dump, which we've set up to grab data from everyone on the "All Subscribers" DL.

Haven't called TAC yet, but thought we'd check to see if this rings any bells.



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Cisco Employee

Re: "All subscribers" DL deleted

Not very likely Unity waxed the DL on its own - usually in cases like this Unity is accused of doing all sorts of bad things and we find an extenal process swept in and took something out at the knees or an admin up stream did something that was not expected - but it's very hard to prove one way or the other. I have never seen Unity or any of the tools you may use on the box just blow away a public DL.

Either way, you can rebuild it if you need to using the Public Distribution List Builder which you'll find in tools depot on your desktop - or you can get the latest version off

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