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"Caller input" functionality

On unity 4.2

when an external caller dials in I need to give them the option to route back out to a number of external numbers to go to different engrs mobiles depending on who they want to speak to.

tried to set this up on the caller input page as "press key 1 to call Bob" "press key 2 to call Jim" etc.

However when I have put the relevant numbers in the "Send caller to field" it overwrites all the entries with one number when I save it.

IE if I set key 1 to dial "901234 111111" and key 2 to dial "901234 222222" and key 3 to dial "901234 223333" when I save it and then go back in all 3 keys will show "901234 111111".

Any ideas why this should happen ?

Cisco Employee

Re: "Caller input" functionality

Presumably you're using the alternate transfer number? There's only one of those allowed per user - you can expose it on any key you want but only one transfer string is stored per user. If you wish to have mutliple transfer options off a single user you'll have to map keys to "attempt to ring phone for" and point them at call handlers configured to do the transfer.

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