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Receiving "Unidentified Caller" from internal calls when leaving voicemail

Hello there,

When a user from out Scotts Valley unity server calls someone at our Greensboro location, in Outlook, we get the follow message as the subject line. "Message from an unidentified caller (xxxx)". Normally we get the users name in the subject field.

The Scotts valley is running unity 4.0(2) and the Greensboro server is running 4.04(sr1).

They are both in the same AD domain and the same Dialing domain in unity. They are also on the same call manager (running 4.13 sr 2)

I did some digging on the forums and it mentioned this might happen when the users mailbox is full. I checked that and the mailboxes are not full or near the limit. It is happening with all users from this server.

My TAC engineer mentioned bug CSCec59720. I tried the resolution for that bug and it still did not resolve the problem

Any suggestions?



Re: Receiving "Unidentified Caller" from internal calls when lea

Hi -

You mentioned in your post "Normally we get the users name in the subject field." Does this occur when a subscriber on the 4.0(4) system sends a voice message to one of your 4.0(2) subscribers? I am thinking you need to have both servers at 4.0(4) for identified subscriber messaging to occur across Unity servers. See this Cisco link for 4.0(2) which indicates does not work across Unity servers -

Followed by the 4.0(4) guide which discusses the requirements for identified subscriber messaging -


Re: Receiving "Unidentified Caller" from internal calls when lea

Hi -

I just remembered another thing to check. On the System - Configuration - Settings page in the Unity Administrator, make sure you uncheck ""Subscribers Are Identified as Message Senders Only If They Log On."


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