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Recommended CM System Speed Dials: Translations Patterns vs. DNs

Using Call Manager 8.6, I've successfully tested System Speed Dialing through using both Translation Patterns and as Directory Numbers (using the Call Forward Destination field).  Since using Translation Patterns DOES NOT allow for a alpha display name to the user dialing the speed dial, I tested the DN approach.  This offered about 1-2 seconds of a display on the phone so the user could get a confirmation that they dialed the speed dial they desired.  Is there any reason to not use DNs as system speed dials?  Do they use up resources in some way that Translation Patterns do not?  I'm just wondering if there is a compelling reason to not use the DN approach.  Otherwise, I think this will be customer's avenue to using system speed dials as it provides that 1-2 second of alpha display of the speed dials name.  Thank you.  Dan

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Recommended CM System Speed Dials: Translations Patterns vs. DNs

No, they do not use any more resources. The only reason I am hesitant of using them is that unassigned DNs can be accidentally purged out by unaware administrator, as one can simply find unassigned DNs thinking those are old discarded ones and click to delete them.  If you have a process in place that prevents this there is absolutely no down side.



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